Who are we?

WE ARE California Plantwalls

We offer complete plant wall systems that are perfectly suited and specifically tailored for outdoor environments, indoor environments and outdoor environments undercover

California Plant Walls is a division of California Plantscapes LLC, a highly successful plantscape company in Orange County California established in 2010.  Our Plant Wall Division has a team of people and a complete facility dedicated to the planning, building, installation and maintenance of beautiful, high quality plant walls.

California Plant Walls is not restricted to the supply of any one plant wall system manufacturer. Instead we and can offer a plant wall system perfectly suited to your specific environment, taste, budget, and vision. This is critical as each plant wall has specific needs dependent on so many criteria.


Just a group of characters sharing their love for plants.


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Initial Consultation

Understanding site space and client vision along with project criteria such as timeline, size, budget, design goals, etc.

Design Phase

Select a solution that best fits both your budget and design goals. Determine plant selection, plant pattern, and irrigation method,

Pre Installation

Off-site plant wall design formation and frame build. Irrigation and drainage plan. Pre-Install and plant acclamation.


California Plantwall certified installers and plant experts arrive with everything needed to complete the job from start to finish


Every green wall requires ongoing plant maintenance. California Plantwalls provides maintenance services along with Plant Warranty.


Every wall comes fresh air circulated and filtered directly through the miracle of plants backed by scientific proof that plants make us happier